Intimate Dining

The Brick Oven

The Quiessence signature Brick Oven experience is an exclusive private dinner with our chef team leading you through an eight course menu customized to please your palate. Ingredients used in your meal come straight from the garden, allowing the fresh flavors of the farm to shine through in our contemporary spin on traditional culinary techniques.

When you dine with us at our Brick Oven, the Quiessence team will educate you on the dishes available that night; the origin of the ingredients, how it is carefully prepared, and which cocktails or wine to couple with your exceptional meal. This matchless dining ambiance is available to only one reservation each night, with an option of two to six guests. Please call to reserve your spot at the Brick Oven for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

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Interested in Reserving the
Brick Oven Table?

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